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Working within our community

It has been a busy first month, our team has come back stronger than ever, and the books are starting to fill up for the year ahead.

At the end of last year we reviewed the projects that helped us have a successful 2022 and now we will be looking forward to the projects set to keep us busy into 2023.

We start this year with a keen focus on securing work within the North East. We put a high priority on working within our local area so we can actually see and benefit from the results of our work. Working on local projects enables us to give back to the local community, a community which many of our employees have grown up in.

Take a look below at the projects which SCH are currently manufacturing and erecting:

We are starting off with the ‘Locomotion’ in Shildon.

Our team will be manufacturing and installing a shed which will be used for storage for the ‘Locomotion’ train museum in Shildon.

Being so close to our fabrication facility in Newton Aycliffe, Locomotion holds memories for a lot of our team which is why we are looking forward to work on the popular local attraction. Our teams will be starting site work there within the coming weeks.

We're train fanatics...

SCH also worked on the Hitachi Rail Manufacturing facility right here in Aycliffe Industrial Estate.

It was great to work have worked on site which is so influential and important for global transportation.

Next, we have Durham Bus Station.

If you have been to Durham within the last few months, you will have seen the progress which has been made on the new building.

Replacing the old station, which was built in 1970, we have erected the main steel frame for the bus station.

The new bus station will allow for improved transport around the city and its surrounding areas, as well as a more comfortable and lighter waiting area.

Our steel has been installed and we are excited to see the building once it is finished.

Another which is local to our factory is INEOS.

INEOS have a large presence in Aycliffe Business Park, and we have watched them grow as a company.

Earlier last year, SCH provided some metalwork maintenance work in the INEOS factory, major maintenance works to upgrade their equipment to futureproof their products going forward into 2022.

We were happy to help another park resident with our metalwork maintenance works, we will continue to watch them grow on the park.

Staying on the park, we will be completing the next stages of the ‘Merchant Park’ units on Aycliffe Business Park.

These units will allow more business to move in to and thrive in the park.

We fabricated and erected the steel frame for the ‘Merchant Park’ units. The units, which total in at 50,503 sq ft, are part of a wider £90M project. SCH are proud to have been awarded the contract for Merchants Park, a local development helping to provide employment stability to the local area.

We have many more exciting and local projects which are coming up in the next few months, so if you would like to learn more about this... follow us on social media.

Find our Facebook and LinkedIn page below.


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