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Projects seeing SCH out of 2022!

This year has just flown by, hasn’t it?

With just weeks left until Christmas and then New Year, we wanted to round up just a couple of projects which are seeing SCH through till 2023.

We wanted to start with one which may seem small to you but is important to SCH.

Sticking to our roots.

SCH is carrying out maintenance works at the INEOS Site in Newton Aycliffe.

We will be manufacturing and installing a ladder and access platform which will be used for maintenance within the INEOS factory.

Over the coming months, INEOS will be carrying out major maintenance works to upgrade their equipment to futureproof their products going forward into 2022.

We will be replacing the original steelwork, to provide the factory with longevity.

SCH are located within miles of the Aycliffe INEOS Site and have seen them develop over the years, we are honoured to work with a local business who are also a resident of the thriving business park.

Over to PD Ports.

Next, we are carrying out two projects at the PD Ports Headquarters in Middlesbrough. PD Ports are one of the UK’s major port groups and operate nationwide in 12 different ports.

The first of the projects is for PD Ports themselves to replace the steelwork on an existing building. We will be removing the cladding for the original building and replacing this.

SCH will also be manufacturing and installing a new staircase for the factory and new ‘Durbar’ flooring for the factory. This will ensure the flooring is more slip-resistant, to again improve the longevity of the building.

We have already conducted surveys on the plot and modelled the installation, so we are ready to move onto site soon!

The second project is for ‘Strabag’, which runs within the PD Ports premises. They have recently been awarded a contract for 'HS2' developments.

SCH is manufacturing and installing a storage shed for Strabag.

Our team thrive in complicated situations, which is why when we were faced with the quick turnaround of 9 weeks, we sprung into action.

Moving onto site within the next few weeks, SCH is ready to install the steelwork for the storage shed.

It’s great to be moving on to a new batch of projects as many of our previous projects are starting to wrap up now.

We will be keeping you updated on the progress of our projects on our social media.

Find SCH’s Facebook here and SCH’s LinkedIn here.


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