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Hitting the high mark!

SCH has hit the ground running within the first few months of 2023, picking up two large projects for our main contractors.

Jobs are starting to come out of the pipeline and into the factory for manufacturing.

Both jobs are within our local area, providing the North East with new jobs and facilities.

The two projects we will be looking at today will be the new 'Essity' Building in Prudhoe, Northumberland. We will also be looking at our work for the 'Fujifilm' new Diosynth Biotechnologies building in Billingham.

Let’s start with 'Essity'.

'Essity', Northumberland.

Our team has been planning the work at the new 'Essity' site for a long period of time, meaning we are in a prime position to get started on site.

Working for 'Robertson Group', the package is to supply and install the primary steel on their site. We will also install all the precast concrete floor planks.

The job weighs in at around 435 tonne, which means there will be approximately 25 erectable loads of steel delivered to the site.

Our team will be on site for around 12 weeks, erecting the steel which we have manufactured in our factory.

'Essity’s' regeneration project will replace the 50 year old production unit, allowing the factory to install the newest recycling technology and move towards a more eco-friendly and positive future.

The new technology will reduce energy costs for 'Essity' and increase their ability to create more products from recycled fiber. It’s a great project for the local community and for 'Essity', as they move towards independence from virgin wood fiber.

This will be our fourth project with 'Robertson Construction' Northeast. We have worked with them on several other projects, such as Sedgefield College in December 2020 and Hetton Primary School in November 2021.

It’s great to be working with them again on the new 'Essity' project. Our team is excited to get a start of site.

Next up, 'FujiFilm'.

'FujiFilm Diosynth Biotechnologies', Billingham.

Coming in at around 800 tonne, this project has been anticipated by our team.

The Teesside area has had 400 million pounds of investment from 'FujiFiilm' to give back to the area that has invested in them. They aim to expand their research facilities and availability of jobs within the medical and bioscience sector. 350 new highly skilled jobs will be created with the expansion.

Expansion plans will make 'FujiFilm' in Billingham the largest multi-modal biopharmaceutical manufacturing site in the United Kingdom.

They are expanding their Diosynth Biotechnologies campus and a part of that is the new office block SCH will be building.

Our package of work for 'FujiFilm' is to supply and install all the primary and secondary steelwork for the office building.

Working closely with Willmott Dixon and their management team, SCH was awarded ‘Northern Works Partner of the Year’ in their ‘Building Better’ awards. Off the back of the award, we were able to win the 'FujiFim' contract.


Both buildings will provide great benefits for the North East and our local area. More jobs are going to become available, and businesses will thrive with the expansion of both 'Essity' and 'FujiFilm'.

Our team work within the local area and are excited to bring growth to the community through our installation.

We are excited to also help local businesses become more sustainable in their production and allow them to become more future proof.

To learn more about our other projects, check out our other blogs or head over to our Facebook and LinkedIn page.


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