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Secondary steelwork fabrication is everything that isn’t the primary structure and isn’t
crucial to the building’s structural integrity. 


Examples of this are elements that hold up other secondary elements like canopies, wall
lintels, building external envelopes, floors, stairs, door openings, plant decks, bollards and
many more.



Fabrication and Surface Treatment of Secondary Steelwork

Providing services for Public, Private, Industrial, Energy sectors

We have the skills necessary to create bespoke and completely new designs based on your requirements.

We offer a wide variety of finishes including paint finishes and plastic coating. Our project manager will consult with you at the start of the project to ensure you receive what you require.


We have an installation team on hand to install your secondary steelwork project. We are fully compliant to ISO9001 standards and offer high quality service throughout.

Our skilled team of experts are on hand at every stage to provide the quality and service required for your project.

We provide many options of secondary steel. Please contact our friendly team for more information.

Contact our team today for more information.

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