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SCH Site Services is a rapidly growing, youthful business with the experience of any
long-standing firm in the steel industry, but with a fresh approach and professional attitude.


This youthful business of 42 staff is built on strong family values with each member working collaboratively towards a joint vision.


Founded in the early 90s, The Company started as Spennymoor Crane Hire, with four cranes and four drivers, but later developed into SCH Site Services.

In 2011 the company underwent restructuring and began to widen their service offering while building its professional and youthful approach. SCH is proud to say that within the last 8 years the company turnover has increased from £275,000 to an impressive £7 million.

The business now manufactures and installs in excess of 5000te of structural steelwork per year to various sectors of the Construction Industry.


Having its own fabrication, surface treatment line and site teams has helped to further build upon its reputation as a company that provides accountability and reassurance on all its projects and for its clients.

SCH has secured contracts for projects working in many sectors of construction.


Full design and builds, refurbishments of large shopping complexes, new school and university buildings, petrochemical, power and energy facilities to name just a few.

SCH ensures that it invests in its workforce and the future of the company, employing new staff and updating our Newton Aycliffe facility.


We continue to push forward with team development enabling us to take on bigger and more challenging projects, as well as doing the bread and butter jobs too.

SCH like to stand out from the crowd and they certainly do as they can always be seen on site in their fully branded work wear.


This standard is set across the company ensuring all our employees are seen on site, in the production facility and when attending meetings.

SCH take safety and training very seriously and ensure that all operatives are fully up to date with all training requirements.


Regular toolbox talks ensure that site operatives receive current and relevant training, specific to the site they are working on.

Our work processes ensure that we are accountable for every job, every step of the way, with paperwork and supervisors ensuring safety legislation is met and that we stay on track for your budget and time deadlines.


Feel free to enquire about your difficult, unusual or complex projects!

Contact our team today for more information.

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