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Why Working at SCH Site Services is a Great Career Choice: Blair's Story

If you're looking for a career in the steel erection industry, SCH Site Services could be the perfect fit for you. Just ask Blair, a recent apprentice who has been with the company for two years this July.

Blair started out as a plater and has since become proficient in the skill. He's currently studying NVQ level 3 and will be going into his final assessment soon. While he's found welding trickier, he's been working hard to develop his skills and enjoys learning the trade.

One of the things Blair loves about working at SCH Site Services is the team. There are plenty of great personalities within the business, and Blair gets along with everyone. He's learned a lot from the experienced professionals around him and has become a go-to person for many activities within the business. From painting to loading and unloading wagons with a fork truck, Blair is always up for a challenge and loves the variety of tasks he gets to work on.

Blair is also proud to be a fire marshal and 1st aid trained. He feels valued as an employee and enjoys coming to work every day. "It's nice to feel comfortable in the workplace," he says.

But Blair's story is just one example of what makes SCH Site Services a great place to work. Here are a few more reasons to consider a career with the company:

1. Opportunities for Growth

At SCH Site Services, you'll have the opportunity to learn new skills and take on new challenges. The company invests in its employees' training and development, with apprenticeship programs and ongoing training courses. Whether you're just starting out or have years of experience, you'll have the chance to advance your career with SCH Site Services.

2. Supportive Work Environment

The team at SCH Site Services is made up of experienced professionals who are dedicated to their work. They'll provide you with the support and guidance you need to succeed. Whether you're learning a new skill or tackling a complex project, you'll have the backing of a great team.

3. Varied Work

Working at SCH Site Services is never boring. You'll have the opportunity to work on a variety of tasks, from plating and welding to painting and loading and unloading wagons with a fork truck. You'll also be trained in first aid and fire marshal duties, which will give you a well-rounded skill set.

4. Great Company Culture

SCH Site Services has a great company culture that values its employees and their contributions. You'll work alongside a diverse group of people who are passionate about their work and enjoy coming to work every day. The company also has a strong commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices, which is becoming increasingly important in today's world.

5. Career Opportunities

If you're looking for a long-term career in the steel erection industry, SCH Site Services is a great place to start. The company offers a range of career opportunities, from apprenticeships to project management roles. With the company's focus on training and development, you'll be well-equipped to take on new challenges and advance your career.

In conclusion, working at SCH Site Services is a great career choice if you're looking for a supportive work environment, varied work, and opportunities for growth and development. If you're interested in joining the team, check out the company's website for current job openings and apprenticeship opportunities. And who knows, maybe one day you'll be as successful as Blair!


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