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Be part of the next FABWorld!

The pandemic left lots of us with free time that we had never had before.

So, when you have gone from working full time to having afternoons to days off... what do you do?

Well, Gary Finley who is the managing director of SCH decided he would write a magazine.

And that magazine would be called FABWorld!

FABWorld is all about the steel industry, more specifically the steel industry for SCH and the people who make SCH Site Services as strong as it is today.

FABWorld Edition 1 spoke about new and revolutionary inventions from SCH staff, new legislations in health and safety and current SCH projects.

Similarly, in our second edition of FABWorld we explored our recent projects, a look back at our biggest project yet and celebrated the SCH for their dedication and strength.

Now, we are going to bring out our third edition... and we want to feature you!

That’s right!

We are from Newton Aycliffe, we want to hear from across the whole country!

If you are in the steel industry, we would love to speak to you about your views and opinions on the steel industry, how the last year has been for you and where you want to see the industry heading in the next few months.

You will be featured in our magazine with a full write up and branding.

If you would like to be involved in FABWorld Edition 3, please get in touch with us!

Our team can arrange a meeting with you for an interview with a member of your team.


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