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Is this the way forward for health and saftey?

Health and safety regulations have drastically changed from this time 100 years ago.

You’ll have seen ‘Lunch Atop a Skyscraper’, the famous image of 11 steelworkers having their lunch on the construction site of the 96th floor of the Rockefeller Plaza in New York.

For many, this was the ‘norm’ and they wouldn’t batter an eyelid.

You even step onto site without proper PPE now, you're risking your life.

We know that health and safety has changed over the years, for the better, but are we there yet?

SCH constantly keep up to date with new health, safety and wellbeing regulations to ensure the safety of all our workers both in our factory and working on site.

Advancements have been made across the country for mental health within the steel industry. Each organisation must now have a mental health first aider who is available to speak about life and mindset to all staff members.

This is a new, and necessary, progression for the industry. It’s great to see an importance now placed on heavy workers mental health.

We are starting to notice a new approach to health, safety and wellbeing across both our neighbouring companies are our main contractors.

This new approach has been developed by a range of professionals, including psychologists and safety practitioners... which is very new to the industry.

The introduction of new concepts from other professions allows the health, safety and wellbeing to be mindful and practical, rather than a just practical, solely from steel workers.

As you read more, you can see the role psychologists have played in understanding health, safety and wellbeing. It is modern, and could be laughed at, however it is the way forward. We are embracing the change.

The new approach introduces four fundamentals for understanding and practicing health, safety and wellbeing.

The fundamentals act as a tool to create safer workplaces by enabling positive changes in the existing operating contexts.

It also places more emphasis on dialogue and empathy for a safer working environment, which has never typically been seen before, only procedures and documents.

Without further a due, these are the new fundamentals which we are increasingly seeing.

Ensure the organisation at all its levels has the right mindset about health and safety.
Educate organisational leaders on how to create a safer working environment.
Foster reliability through proactive learning and involve workers in all health and safety activities.
Build upon organisational successes and strengths.

We’d love to know your opinions on these.

Do you think this is the way forward for health, safety and wellbeing?

Have you integrated any of these fundamentals into your workforce?

Let us know below!


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