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New Horizons: Meet Our Apprentices!!

At SCH Site Services, we take pride in nurturing fresh talent, and our apprentices, Matt and Jake, embody the spirit of enthusiasm and growth.

A photo of Matt one of sch's new apprentices in one of our warehouses

Matt's Journey: From Uncertainty to Mastery

Matt's entry into the world of welding at SCH was far from conventional. Having struggled with previous apprenticeships and job experiences that failed to ignite his passion, a connection through his uncle led him to our doors. Initially unfamiliar with welding, Matt decided to throw himself into the world of steel, enticed by the potential for the many opportunities offered by SCH.

Starting with a clean slate, Matt found solace in the supportive atmosphere of the shop floor. His typical day involves a diligent start, donning PPE, and beginning his assigned tasks. From plating and fabricating to occasional welding, he's immersed in the intricacies of steel! Matt expressed gratitude for the accelerated learning curve, attributing it to the helpful team guiding him every step of the way.

The apprenticeship, a year-long trial followed by an extensive three-year program, entails mastering NVQ levels 1-4. Matt envisions a future beyond the shop floor, aspiring to explore diverse roles and accumulate a vast array of skills, not limiting himself to a singular expertise.

His advice to aspiring apprentices follows the theme of patience and open-mindedness. The initial months may involve routine tasks, but perseverance unlocks a world of knowledge and growth.

Matt's journey highlights the importance of trusting the process and seizing opportunities, such as contributing to the construction of a bridge at Darlington Heritage, a testament to the impactful projects SCH undertakes.

New starter Jake next to an sch sign

Jake's Journey: A Shift from Factories to Aspiring Heights

Jake Wallis, at 22, represents the ambition to transition from mundane factory work to a dynamic trade. His journey began with a desire for qualifications and an interest in outdoor activities. Tired of factory monotony, he sought a career that aligned with his interests and offered progression in areas he enjoyed.

A typical day for Jake unfolds on various sites across the North East, a testament to SCH's diverse projects. The camaraderie among team members sets the tone for collaborative learning. From equipment preparation to hands-on tasks like slinging and signalling, Jake is gaining a wealth of experience.

Supported by his colleagues, Jake finds guidance in every task. The aim post-apprenticeship is clear for him – to become a proficient steel erector and continue working outdoors, demonstrating the importance SCH places on individual aspirations within the collective vision.


The highlight of Jake's SCH experience so far? Working on SeAH, a sprawling site bustling with diverse trades, providing a rich learning environment and exposure to various perspectives.


As Matt and Jake continue their apprenticeship journey, SCH Site Services stands as a fertile ground for their growth, where each day brings new challenges, learning, and the promise of a vibrant future in the steel industry.

Stay tuned as we witness their evolution and celebrate the spirit of apprenticeship!


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