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BIM is becoming the "in" word in the construction industry.

BIM is becoming the "in" word in the construction industry - with the acronym standing for Building Information Modelling.

To put it simply, a typical project could involve approximately 35+ trades, which all interface each other. BIM is intended to allow all the trades to collaborate and deliver a successful project, with the aid of modern technology - traditionally 3D models, however as we shall see this is quickly evolving. 

On Monday 28th October, SCH was invited to attended the Sir Robert McAlpine BIM Portal Event in Birmingham. Here, SCH learnt about Sir Robert McAlpine's current and future plans of the implementation of BIM into its business strategy. As stated on their website;

"Bringing project stakeholders together through technology, BIM helps us deliver maximum value for our clients by:-​

Strengthening collaboration and communication​​Delivering on our quality, safety and sustainability commitments​​Driving project efficiencies, reducing risk and providing programme and cost savings​​Increasing transparency​​Improving decision making and performance."

Sir Robert McAlpine, who just this year have celebrated their 150th Birthday, are at the forefront of BIM technology, as demonstrated below;

SCH commented; "Its become evident that the world of construction is forever evolving, looking at smarter ways to plan, manage and construct both minor and major projects. The implementation of technology into the world of construction is exciting and refreshing. I am really looking forward to how the new-age BIM will benefit SCH"


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