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Why Work At SCH?

Why work at SCH?

If we have not previously met, let us introduce ourselves.

Hello, we are SCH Site Services!

We are based in the bustling Aycliffe Business Park, and we fabricate and erect primary and secondary steel.

John Finley started the company which was originally Spennymoor Crane Hire. Then in 2005 it was changed to SCH Site Services.

Gary took over the reins in 2011. From there it has gone from 275k Turnover to 6.5 million and now employs 48 people.

Since then, SCH has grown exponentially and now work on large scale projects for a range of sectors and for a range of clients including Willmott Dixon, Wates Construction, PD Ports, Mandale Group and Durham County Council.

SCH relish the difficult projects and have installed their steel work on Tier One COMAH sites, power stations and ports.

Working across the UK and now moving to work primarily in the North East, SCH have been expanding in their facilities and are now looking to expand their workforce.

Which is why, SCH are hiring for multiple roles based in the office and in the factory.

We are also looking for budding apprentices to join our force as platers and welders.

We wanted to explain why SCH is a great place to work and why we would love having you on-board with the team.

From the offices to the factory, all our connections and relationships are family driven. We run on family values to create a positive, productive culture and foster longevity.

Many of our workers have worked with the family for over 15 years, growing through the business and becoming leaders of their department.

We celebrate their achievements and have recently Talked about many of our workers in our recent edition of FABWorld, where we acknowledge their growth and achievements with SCH.

Sadly, we see many steel firms across the UK asking their staff to pay for their own training courses which is limiting for many staff.

SCH believe in investing in our workforce and allowing them to challenge themselves to upskill and educate themselves. Which is why, SCH fund appropriate training courses and allow our staff to become the best version of themselves.

We have previously worked across the UK at various locations, however, SCH are working local to their factory now.

SCH are a socially responsible firm and give back to the area they work in through hiring people local to the job or bringing apprentices onto site to develop their knowledge and train the younger generation.

Our factory allows for flexible working hours- you pick the intervals that works for your life and your circumstances. This is all part of our family values, we understand your needs and allow you to pick the hours which suit your needs.

All the facilities here at SCH have been tested to be suitable for working with young people and SCH currently have 3 apprentices and trainees working with them.

We accommodate for apprentices through registering them for their training and providing them with a member of staff they can contact for any support.

SCH are hiring for multiple roles with some being in our on-site factory and some working in our on-site office.

Currently, we are looking for Plater Welders to join us in our factory.

We are also looking to take on a couple of Apprentices to join our team and work alongside our team while learning on the job.

Our factory is based in Newton Aycliffe.

Want to apply? Head over to our jobs page, read the description and if you would like to apply you can attach your CV.

A member of the SCH team will read your CV and contact you if you are a good candidate for the role. We will invite you for an interview, here in our office.

We cannot wait to hear from you!


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