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Introducing the Voortman-V310

At SCH Site Services, we're always on the lookout for cutting-edge solutions to improve our productivity. That's why we're pleased to introduce our latest acquisition: the Voortman-V310 plate processing machine. Let's find out the story behind this revolutionary addition.


The Voortman-V310 being delivered.

Efficiency Through and Through

The Voortman-V310 is an exceptional piece of equipment for many reasons. With its advanced features and precision engineering, this machine is set to revolutionise our workflow. The Voortman-V310 boasts a range of innovative technologies; from marking plates, plasma cutting, Milling, countersinking to drilling, every step of the process is smoothly integrated, ensuring maximum efficiency.

One standout feature is the built-in shaker, which eliminates the laborious task of manually collecting dross and fumes. Instead, the shaker quickly deposits small plates and waste into the bin, saving valuable time and effort.

The Voortman Bin

The Legacy of the Eagle Machine

For years, the ESAB Eagle worked loyally in our workshop, faithfully cutting plates and assisting in the fabrication process.

Its reliability and durability were unmatched. However, as technology evolved and demands increased, it became clear that we needed a more efficient solution.

While the 20 year old ESAB Eagle served us well, its multi-step process required significant manpower and time, highlighting the need for a modern alternative.


A Dutch Masterpiece

After careful consideration, we chose the Voortman-V310 for its excellent reputation and proven track record. As one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, Voortman has consistently delivered cutting-edge solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

The decision to invest in the Voortman-V310 was not taken lightly. We conducted extensive research and consulted with industry experts to ensure that we were making the right choice for our business.

In the end, the Voortman-V310 emerged as the clear frontrunner, thanks to its superior performance and reliability.

The Voortman Machine up and running

Remembering the late Joe Kavanagh

Behind every successful acquisition is a story of collaboration and trust. Joe Kavanagh, the former Managing Director at Cutmaster Machines, played an essential role in guiding us towards the Voortman-V310. His dedication and passion for excellence were truly remarkable, and his invaluable insights will forever be cherished.

Joe had been coming into Finleys and SCH for many years. Prior to purchasing the machine, Gary and Joe had been in talks for perhaps a year about the machine. Gary had accompanied Joe on visits to Leach Structural Steelwork Limited in Preston to see how the Voortman machine hugely improved systems in the factory while being incredibly efficient.

At the end of June, Joe popped in, like he often did, for a general chat – that was the sort of guy Joe was. While chatting, Joe said he was off to Spain – strangely enough, he was going to the exact place Gary often visits and Gary was on his way out there within the next few days too – some may say “meant to be!”.

The two met up for a coffee. They sat chatting for hours, no sales, just general chit chat, talking about family, holidays and the industry. At the end of the conversation, Gary figured it was time he brought up the machine.

Joe stated that he wasn’t there for a sale pitch, he was there as he wanted to relax and chat – again, that’s the type of person Joe was! However, once home, the deal was done!

An SCH employee operating the Voortman

From Vision to Reality

Throughout the process, we worked closely with Joe and the team at Cutmaster Machines to ensure a seamless transition. From initial discussions to final negotiations, their expertise and guidance were invaluable every step of the way.

In anticipation of the arrival of the Voortman-V310, SCH began the preparation process to ensure that our workshop was ready to maximise the machine's capabilities. One crucial aspect involved upgrading our factory's air pressure from 7 bar to 10 bar, a task expertly handled by AS Pneumatics.

Their expertise in upgrading our pulley system and belt enabled us to achieve the necessary air pressure output from our compressor, essential for optimal machine performance. Additionally, meticulous planning was undertaken to make space for the new equipment. Efficiency was exemplified during installation, which was completed in just two weeks with minimal manpower required.

It was a meticulous process, spanning over two weeks for full installation, accompanied by an additional fortnight for commissioning and training. Viktor led the training and commissioning efforts during this period, with two other skilled individuals managing the installation. The arrival of the machine, transported on two 45-foot wagons, was met with anticipation!

A dedicated team was involved in the offloading process, demonstrating a true hands-on approach. With teamwork, the machine was installed, followed by Viktor's oversight to ensure its seamless commissioning. As a result of these collective efforts, the machine was up and running smoothly, with Mick leading the way.

The Voortman Machine ready for use.

Efficiency in Action

Now that the Voortman-V310 is up and running, the results speak for themselves. With its efficient workflow, the machine has transformed our operations. From plasma cutting to drilling, every step of the process is integrated, saving both time and resources.

The introduction of the Voortman-V310 has allowed us to significantly increase our productivity while maintaining the highest standards of quality. By automating key processes and reducing manual labour, we're able to complete projects more efficiently than ever before. 

The Voortman-V310 has the power to do the work of four men allowing us to complete projects faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. With the Voortman-V310 at our disposal, we're confident that we can tackle even the most demanding projects with ease, setting new standards for quality and performance in the industry.


The Voortman Machine set up for use.

An Investment in the Future

While the Voortman-V310 represents a significant investment, it's one that we wholeheartedly believe in. By embracing cutting-edge technology and prioritising efficiency, we're laying the groundwork for a brighter future. With the Voortman-V310 by our side, we're confident that SCH Site Services will continue to lead the way in steel fabrication.


In conclusion, the arrival of the Voortman-V310 marks a new chapter in our journey towards excellence. As we look to the future, we're excited to see the positive impact that this machine will have on our operations and our ability to deliver exceptional results for our clients.


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