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Driving for recruitment!

We are three months into March and we are picking up packages of work from different contractors.

SCH are going through a period of growth and to manage the volume of work we are winning, we are in the market for several new roles to cope and get projects into the factory and out in good time and of a high quality.

We have hired for different roles over the last few months.

One of the roles we hired for was in our estimating department.

Our estimating department handles project plans and specifications to understand the scope of work and the requirements for the project.

They develop a detailed list of materials, including steel beams, columns, decking, bolts, and other components, as well as estimating the quantity of each material needed. Also, they calculate the amount of labor required for the project, including the number of workers needed and the number of hours required to complete each task.

When hiring, we ensured that we would hire the right candidate who had experience so we could get them straight into our office.

Barry Williams joined our team three months ago and works within our estimating department. We supported him to build on experience he already had from the industry and brought him up to the ethos of SCH.

He is now fully up to speed with how we operate within the department and as a team. He is showing he is already a great asset to the team and is growing in his role.

You can email Barry at

Another role we hired for was a finance manager.

Imelda had been SCH’s finance manager for many years, she is now leaving us therefore we needed to look for another finance manager.

Lise is joining the team very soon and we look forward to her joining the team.

We wish Imedla the very best with her next endeavors and thank her for all her hard work at SCH over the time she has been here.

You can find Lise at

We have been recruiting for plater welders since Christmas.

We have found a number of excellent people to join the team within production.

Finding candidates who are plater welders can be a struggle at times, but we were lucky to have a large uptake for the role.

There was lots of applications for the roles, which was great. We would like to thank everyone who applied for the role and showed their interest in working for SCH Site Services.

We would like to welcome to the team those who have been successful.

If you have a good level of structural steel work experience and are looking for a change please send in your CV by adding it to our website jobs page. You may just be what we are looking for.

Currently, we are hiring for:

Plater Welders

Contracts Assistant

Contracts Manager

We are about to start the first interviews for the contracts assistant as we have seen a big uptake in this role. We are excited to start moving forward with this role and bring a great candidate into the office.

We have had a huge amount of interest from various people with many different levels of experience and qualifications, which makes us excited to speak to different people. Let the interviews begin!

If you have any questions about our roles, please get in touch with our team today. We’re more than happy to have a chat to you about the responsibilities in the role.

Contact us today here!


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