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Introducing Kay

Introducing Kay, our Contracts Assistant Manager at SCH Site Services. With a background in construction and a commitment to safety, Kay brings a wealth of expertise to our team. Join us in getting to know her journey and the invaluable contributions she brings to our busy work environment.

Kay Leaning around a door with her thumbs up.

Kay joined the SCH Site Services team in June, and her journey to this point is a testament to her passion for the construction industry. With a history spanning various roles within the construction sector, Kay's career has been an exploration of niches, and the common thread weaving through it all has always been her love for construction.

Throughout her career, Kay has embraced different roles and opportunities, soaking up knowledge and experience at every turn. Her journey in construction evolved into more than just a job; it became a genuine passion.

While she briefly ventured into other fields, it became increasingly clear that her heart was in construction. An agency placement led her to SCH Site Services.

For Kay, steel fabrication presented a refreshing challenge, distinct from her prior experiences.

Starting anew at SCH allowed her to fuse her passion for construction and her deep understanding of construction safety making her a valuable addition to the SCH Site Services family.

Let’s get to know Kay a little better….

1. Outside of work, do you have any hobbies or interests that you're passionate about? How do you balance work and home?

I love work, it’s where I can truly be me. I have a good work life balance. I love festivals and music. Music makes me happy especially up-tempo music. I also really enjoy time with family as well as being outdoors; hiking, walking and exploring.

2. What is your most memorable achievement?

From a very young age, I competed in judo, travelling all over the UK taking part in competitions. I came 5th out of 15 and was the youngest and the lightest. I also did a lot of running, competing throughout the Northeast for the Harriers.

3. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A veterinary nurse.

4. What do you wish someone had told you when you started out SCH?

Nothing at all. I have had full support throughout. It helps that I’m not afraid to ask questions.

Some of the SCH Team on a night out.

Quick Fire Round….

Book or eBook

Neither – did enough reading at school!!!

Wine or Cocktails

Cocktails – Porn Star Martini would be the cocktail of choice!!

City or Country

Country – Especially The Lakes

Facebook or Instagram


Cars or Bicycles


Summer or Winter

Both – not fussy. Both seasons have their benefits!

Christmas or Birthday

Christmas especially when you have the kids!

Kay’s latest project

Kay's journey at SCH Site Services has taken an exciting turn as she steps into her first role as a Contracts Assistant Manager, poised for a promising future as a Contracts Manager. In her new capacity, she's meticulously handling tasks such as plant site management, material procurement, and document organisation.

Kay's talents are well-suited to the challenging Durham County Council project for a primary school, where precision and attention to detail are paramount. This project involves installing bifocal doors, erecting PSV goal posts with gridlines, and expanding the school's available space.

Kay is navigating the complexities of this project, scrutinising drawings, coordinating with architects, and working through various components for approval. Her dedication to ensuring calculations are precise and changes are meticulously addressed speaks volumes about her commitment.

While this role has posed a steep learning curve, she's leaped into it with enthusiasm and determination. Despite the slow-moving nature of this project, Kay is on a mission to see it through, targeting a hopeful completion by the end of November. Watch this space for further updates….


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