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Watch us stretch!

We’re pretty flexible and can stretch.

By that, we mean...

We’re versatile.

Not gymnasts.

Our forte is steel.

We have been fabricating, painting and installing our steel since 2011.

To this day, we have increased our facilities and capacity to fabricate more steel... and many other materials.

Although steel is our industry, we have been stretching our capabilities to offer more services, a wider range of projects and expand our materials.

Like all other industries, practices change with the introduction of new technologies and advancements in society.

Steel is no different, despite how traditional it may seem. The key to keeping up to date with the industry is to be versatile and flexible.

SCH are versatile, with our range of offerings in steel, the size and complexity of the projects we can take on, the different materials we can install.

We wanted to display the range of buildings and projects we have done previously.

Timber rooves.

Firstly, looking at a very recent project of SCH’s, we erected a steel and glulam frame for the net-zero carbon project at North Shields Transport Hub with Willmott Dixon.

Glulam frames have become popular over recent years as they are environmentally friendly. The embodied energy of timber is much lower than most alternate construction materials such as concrete and steel.

Locally sourced timber also lowers constructions carbon footprint.

A mixture of both steel and glulam provides a strong and sustainable build for North Shields which will be the first Net Zero build in North Tyneside.

We have built many timber structures in the past, however we are seeing a greater demand for them now embracing change to the industry.

It is great to see the industry take a step in the right direction with sustainability.

To read more about timber structures, check out this blog!

Range of tonnage.

Each steel company has their own project sizes, you may take on the large tonnage projects or look for the more intricate projects.

Here at SCH, we enjoy the complex projects where there are problems to conquer.

For example, over 10 years ago now, SCH completed a 1000 tonne project at Drax in Selby.

The herculean team constructed a second biomass conveyor on the site and many other packages based on Drax.

The project was filled with challenges to face, it did become too much for a couple of SCH’s lads at one point, but the team overcame it and erected a 1000 tonne biomass conveyor.

To date, that is still our largest project!

Another example of a project which is complex in its own right is the Stephenson Building in Newcastle. The structure is a hybrid of steel and timber which combines strength and sustainability.

The steel structure weighed in at 788 tonnes and was constructed on the side of a busy roundabout in Newcastle city centre with limited access both on and off site.

This meant careful navigation of equipment and steel into site without disturbing the general public and heavy traffic.

Range of services.

SCH fabricate primary and secondary steel in our Newton Aycliffe based factory.

Our team fabricate and erect steel for a range of buildings and projects across the North East of England.

This may be a completely new build or strengthening and restoration of older buildings.

Or it may be on-site modification. SCH have skilled site operatives who can provide you with modifications to any of your steel work structures, on the site of work.

Not only can we conduct a range of services, we offer this to a range of industries.

SCH are currently working on-site at PD Ports and for Strabag which is supporting the transport industry.

We have worked at a variety of sites for different industries such as retail, manufacturing and energy.

Our team are motivated hard-workers, allowing SCH to take on complex projects and work on large projects successfully.

SCH are versatile in our work, putting us in prime position to take on a range of work.

If you need your project done to the highest of quality, get in touch with SCH today.


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