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Job description:



The role holder reports to the Operations Director.

The role holder will be responsible for the generation of quotations based on the tender requirements, including but not limited to, specifications, drawings, tender documentation etc using the internally agreed fabrication, plant and labour rates. The role holder will be responsible for the pre-contract communication with the clients representatives. Following the guidance of the integrated ISO system, all the company practices, policies and procedures will dictate how the department shall function and the role holder is to ensure that they are followed, comments relating to improving any systems and/or procedures will be received and reviewed.


1. To ensure we have the best chance of winning new projects

2. To ensure that any subcontract questionnaires or PQQ’s are completed and returned

3. To tender for contracts to ensure competitive rates are submitted to the client within the desired deadline date.

4. Ensure that all tenders have been priced with a build philosophy and that this philosophy is clear within the quotation and in the launch stating clearly what quantities are allowed for and any exclusions. The budgets should mirror the philosophy and quantities.

5. Liaise with production and site operations to ensure the correct prices are used for any element of works.

6. Ensuring all estimates are chased up in order to attempt to win the contract, in the event that the contract is not awarded then the estimator is to attempt to establish reasons why in order for the company to be more effective in the future.

7. To organise and execute a pre contract review with all other necessary managers prior to being awarded a new contract. This should review all agreements made during the tender process with the client, all budgets and job specific information to ensure the project is viable and is able to be completed by SCH.

8. Issuing of weekly updates to the Operations Director with regards to the following:-

a. No. of contracts priced.
b. No of contacts won.
c. Percentage of won contracts in relation to the yearly targets.
d. List of clients that have been contacted and responses regarding cost etc for the week.
e. Specifically discuss any reasons why projects have been lost and how to ensure that following projects are won

9. Liaise with Company Secretary to ensure credit checks are carried out on prospective new clients once a tender has been received.

10. Develop effective working relationships both internally and externally with clients.

11. To support Contract Managers to ensure monthly budgets are achieved.

12. Work in conjunction with the contracts managers to review actual costs against budgets once a contract is complete and ensure a log is updated showing the information for future estimates.

13. Achieve targets set out in your performance reviews

14. Any other ad hoc duties the role holder may be required to carry out at managements request.

15. To follow all company policies and procedures.



Number of hours working: 


Additional benefits:

    - undefined

Experience required:

Must have a good knowledge of structural steel work and the construction industry


skills and experience only


Newton Aycliffe Business Park

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