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Celebrating our team – Elliott Young

It is commonly said we can do little alone, but so much together.

In any sector your team are your support. In the steel and fabrication sector, they are more important than ever. Working on-site daily with your team, in high-risk environments, your team is your extra pair of eyes.

Taking time to recognise your team and their continuous efforts allows your business to build a thriving culture. Even in a steel fabrication company, each worker should be celebrated for their accomplishments.

We wanted to acknowledge those who make the SCH team as strong and as motivated as they are today with a blog series. Each blog will be dedicated to one member of the SCH team, let’s start off with...

Elliott Young!

Elliott joined SCH back in 2012, straight out of education into an apprenticeship. The young whippersnapper interviewed for a job at SCH working in the snaggers van.

However, very early into his interview, Andy Braid saw his potential beyond working in the van due to his methodical and managerial traits. The interview switched to a role within the office to allow Elliott to thrive in a more suited role.

In his first few months, Elliott headed onto a couple of SCH’s sites at the time. Thrown into the deep end, Elliott was tasked to climb to the rooves on site and survey the steel work on site. Elliott told us he was clinging onto the sides and didn’t want to look any further.

Fearing heights is something many steel workers would not like to admit. Elliott overcame his fear, now he struts the sites of many tall buildings without qualms.

Recently Elliott has been working on the new Fuji building in Billingham for Willmott Dixon, project managing the whole contact. He was awarded a Willmott Dixon award for “Northern supply chain partner of the year” recently because of the way he has planned and executed this project for SCH.

His daily roles consist of managing contracts, the commercials, communicating with contractors, assessing timescales, managing teams and ensuring progress can be made on site. Elliott has come a long way from his start, now taking a responsibility and becoming a leader in his department.

Qualifications lead the steel industry, with NVQ’s to be reached before sites can be hit. Elliott’s apprenticeship earned him a level 3 BTEC in construction in the building environment. Now, to progress with his health and safety and project management, Elliott is working towards his NVQ Level 6 to earn his Site Managers Card. As many constructers know, this combined both modules and on-site assessments.

Elliott has dedicated time to learning his module and is flying through his qualifications through his driven attitude.

When asked about the favourite part of his role, Elliott told us “Progression”. Working as a contracts manager, Elliott views site plans and assess how this can be executed. “It’s great to solve problems, because then when the work is finished, you can look back at it and think ‘The plan worked’.”

Bringing youthfulness to a typically older industry, Elliott is a valued member of the team. Gary Finley, managing director of SCH Site Services said “Elliott is lovable character, driven and a true leader, it has been great to watch him progress in his role. Big things will come for Elliott.”

We will be speaking to more of the SCH team about their role and their progression.

Well done to Elliott for his progression, we are excited to see what’s next.


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